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Sets of clinical risk data processed by our underwriting AI tool for every application


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The standard data room for our medical records and imaging software

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The average time taken for our medical records and imaging software to process radiology

TMLEP provide an array of specialist clinical technologies, providing assistance to a number of organisations in the healthcare sector and private clinicians.

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Technologies in Deployment with Law Firms, Insurers and in Private Practice

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Medical Records Storage and Distribution

Built with specialist input from our consultant radiologists, TitanEMR provides a secure, easy to use solution for storing, transmitting and viewing radiology and medical records.

TitanEMR is the perfect tool to help in a number of scenarios, such as:

  1. Providing patients with access to their medical records
  2. Transmitting patient data between clinicians for clinical purposes
  3. Providing access to lawyers, insurers and medico-legal experts for investigatory and litigation purposes

Once your TitanEMR vault has been opened, you can:

  • Store medical records and radiology securely in a cloud-based environment
  • View radiology using our cloud-based PACS viewer
  • View medical records using an in-built PDF viewer
  • Transfer records and radiology to third parties
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Medical Malpractice Underwriting Engine

Up to date clinical risk data is key to ensuring underwriting decision are accurate. However, with medicine and litigation trends evolving at an ever-increasing pace, this can present challenges to underwriters when assessing a clinical risk.

Based on live data analytics feeds, TMLEP provides a fully operational AI underwriting solution to help insurers calculate and make decisions with clinical risk, helping to control and mitigate loss.

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Medico-Legal Practice Management Software

Providing medico-legal opinions in and around a full-time clinical role can be challenging. That is why we created our own private practice medico-legal solution, helping handle all aspects of private medico-legal practice so that healthcare professionals can focus purely on what matters, their opinion.

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Our Expertise


Where expert evidence is required for clinical negligence matters, you can take comfort knowing you are obtaining one of the most robust and reliable expert opinions available.


We assist healthcare providers to independently investigate concerns in relation to the provision of healthcare, providing independent serious incident reports and complaints investigations.


Our healthcare technology and data solutions provide the capability to drive real change in the delivery of healthcare and analysis of clinical risk.

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