A Practice Focused on Improving Patient Safety and Healthcare Standards

TMLEP works with a number of public and private individuals and organisations in the healthcare sector, providing an array of clinical investigatory and technological services which have the common aim of improving patient care and safety across the globe.

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Introducing TMLEP

Originally founded as a clinical response to the rising number of claims and complaints being brought against healthcare providers and clinicians in the UK and, increasingly, across the globe TMLEP developed a unique investigation process which allows complaints and claims to be thoroughly investigated, helping to achieve a swift resolution and ensuring that recommendations for improvement can be made.

To further assist in the continual improvement of healthcare standards, TMLEP also develops and provides an array of specialist clinical technologies which improve claims and complaints management capabilities and provide organisations with a better view and understanding of clinical risk.


Where expert evidence is required for clinical negligence matters, you can take comfort knowing you are obtaining one of the most robust and reliable expert opinions available.


We assist healthcare providers to independently investigate concerns in relation to the provision of healthcare, providing independent serious incident reports and complaints investigations.


Our healthcare technology and data solutions provide the capability to drive real change in the delivery of healthcare and analysis of clinical risk.

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